Bioplasma Sport W- Electrolytes 12 PKT
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Bioplasma Sport W- Electrolytes 12 PKT

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24/case directions: adults & children 7-12 years: pour one (1) packet directly on tongue without tilting head or inhaling. Close mouth. Powder will dissolve quickly. Each single-dose packet can also be dissolved into an 8oz glass or bottle of water. Stir or shake to dissolve powder. For best results repeat every 3-4 hours as needed, before during or after activity. Children ages 2-6: half-dose (half packet) ingredients: hpus: calc fluor 6x; calc phos 3x; calc sulph 3x; ferrum phos 3x; kali mur 3x; kali phos 3x; kali sulph 3x; mag phos 3x; nat mur 6x; nat phos 3x; nat sulph 3x; silicea 6x. Other ingredients: calcium lactate gluconate, citric acid *** usp/fcc, colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose nf, magnesium citrate, mannitol usp, natural flavors, potassium sulfate, sodium citrate usp/fcc, sorbitol nd, stevia leaf extract. 06/06/17
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