Daily Wellness Superfood Boost 4.2 OZ
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Daily Wellness Superfood Boost 4.2 OZ

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6/case directions: mix one (1) scoop with 8 oz of your favorite smoothie, cereal, yogurt or add to recipes. Serving size: one (1) scoop (8 g) ingredients: organic*: pea protein*, superfood wellness blend (pumpkin seed protein*, sunflower protein*, goji powder*, pomegranate powder*, wheatgrass powder*, golden flax protein*, hemp protein*, maca powder*, kale powder*, spinach powder*,, camu camu powder*, spirulina powder*), organic flavor*, inulin (agave)*, natural flavor, guar gum*, acerola cherry extract*, monk fruit, salt, cinnamon*, probiotic/enzyme blend (b. Bifidum, b. Breve, b. Longum, l. Acidophilus, l. Casei, *** l. Paracasei, l. Plantarum, l. Rhanmosus, s. Thermophilus, cellulase, lipase, amylase, protease, protease 1,000). Usda organic/non-gmo/kosher/gluten-free/vegan 04/13/17

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