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Digestive Boost Powder 8.5 OZ

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12/case directions: combine 1 scoop with 12 fl oz of water, milk, or smoothie and mix thoroughly. Serving size: 1 scoop ingredients: typical amino acid profile alanine 291.1mg** isoleucine 251mg** arginine 333.1mg** leucine 452.8mg** aspartic acid 473.2mg** lysine 343.3mg** cystine 60.6mg** methionine 107mg** glutamic acid 568mg** phenylalanine 289.8mg** glycine 246.4mg** proline 218.3mg** histidine 114.8mg** serine 213.6mg** *** theronine 225.4mg** tyrosine 201.3mg** tryptophan 139.7mg** valine 307.3mg** digestive blend: lentein complete, organic carrot, organic beetroot, organic turmeric root, organic dandelion leaf powder, organic ginger root, organic lemongrass powder, organic fennel seed powder 11/20/19
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