Egg Protein Powder Vanilla 2 LB
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Egg Protein Powder Vanilla 2 LB

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6/case directions: stir approx. 3/4 scoop into 6-8 ozs. Of water, low fat milk, or juice. Use one or two times daily between meals or after workouts to add extra protein to your diet and support muscle repair and growth. Serving size: 1 oz. Dry (28g) * approx 3/4 scoop ingredients: 100% pure extracted egg albumen (with a protein efficiency ratio (p.e.r.) of 3.9 or greater), enzymatic digest of egg albumen containing naturally occurring amino acids, natural flavors, stevia herb extract, papain and bromelain (natural digestive enzymes), sunflower lecithin. Amino acid profile: l-alanine 6083mg l-arginine 5703mg *** l-aspartic acid 10081mg l-cysteine 2661mg l-glutamic acid 12926mg l-glycine 3422mg l-histidine 2281mg l-isoleucine 5323mg l-leucine 8364mg l-lysine 6279mg l-methionine 3704mg l-phenylalanine 5801mg l-proline 3802mg l-serine 6745mg l-threonine 4464mg l-tryptophan 1629mg l-tyrosine 3889mg l-valine 6843mg 10/22/19
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