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Energy Boost Powder 8.5 OZ

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12/case directions: combine 1 scoop with 12 fl oz of water, milk, or smoothie and mix thoroughly. Serving size: 1 scoop ingredients: typical amino acid profile alanine 309.4mg** isoleucine 263.2mg** arginine 351.5mg** leucine 473.2mg** aspartic acid 485.4mg** lysine 357.1mg** cystine 62.3mg** methionine 113mg** glutamic acid 583.9mg** phenylalanine 301.4mg** glycine 259.5mg** proline 239.4mg** histidine 119.2mg** serine 224.6mg** theronine 236.8mg** tyrosine 211.8mg** tryptophan 143.6mg** valine 320.8mg** energy blend: lentein complete, oranic spirulina, organic maca root, organic eleuthero root, organic schizandra berry extract, organic astragalus root, oranic yerba mate leaf powder, organic grren tea extract, organic rhodiola rosea extract, organic ashwagandha root powder, organic ginseng root 11/20/19
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