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Kids Constipation 1 OZ

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12/case directions: children ages 0 to 11, give three (3) drops by mouth (ages 12 & up, give six (6) drops) as needed or as directed by a health professional. Sensitive persons begin with one (1) drop & gradually increase to full dose. Ingredients: equal parts of echinacea 6x, iris vers. 6x, phytolacca 6x, taraxacum 6x, abies nig. 15x. aesculus hipp. 15x, aloe 15x, alumina 15x, bryonia 15x, carbo veg. 15x, chelidonium maj 15x, collinsonia 15x, graphites 15x, hydrastis 15x, kali carb 15x, lycopodium 15x, mag. Mur. 15x, mezereum 15x, nux vom. 15x, podoph. Pelt. 15x, rhamnus pursh. 15x, sanicula 15x, selenium 15x, sepia 15x, silicea 15x, tabacum 15x, *** veratrum alb. 15x, zinc. Met. 15x. Other ingredients: usp purified water; usp gluten-freem, non-gmo, organic cane alcohol 20%. 11/02/18
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